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Welcome to the original Thomas Sangster fansite!

After seeing Thomas Sangster in action I felt compelled to create a fansite for him. He has a wonderful screen presence and genuine English charm. He has received glowing reviews especially for his role in Love Actually and has been nominated for various awards thus achieving a wonderful beginning to a hopefully fulfilling acting career.

We are one of the only sites on the Internet solely dedicated to Thomas and our aim is to gather as much information in the one place.

We hope you enjoy yourself here.

Latest News (archive)

New12th February 2008

Happy New Year everyone! Hopefully I'll get a chance to do some updates sooner rather than later. A little bit of good news today - I managed to pick up the domain so you can now use either the .com or .org to reach this site.

Regarding Thomas, he is currently working on a new TV series based on the story of Pinocchio set to be released later this year.

7th October 2007

Message/Chat box removed for the time being. Sorry for the lack of updates. I'll be back towards the end of the year.

2nd June 2007

Enjoy over 60 screen captures of Thomas from his Doctor Who debut (Season 3 Episode 8).

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